Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I spent last weekend making cookies.  They did not all turn out like I was hoping, but there were some delicious cookies!  I was trying to make sugar cookies, but they did not roll out well.  I guess I will go back to my "original" recipes that I used to make the monkey and flower cookies when I want shaped cookies.

The peanut butter cookies were too dry.  I will definitely have to try a different recipe.

These cookies, however, were fabulous!  They are almond sugar cookies.  They did the best job with rolling out for cookie cutters.  I also made chocolate sugar cookies, which did not roll out well at all, and they did not photograph well, either.

There cookies were great as well.  They are Mexican hot chocolate chip cookies.

Here they are all packaged up for my hubby to take to work.

And here they are after traveling to St. Louis.  I sent one package to my dad and "bonus" mom, and another to one of my favorite college professors.  Too bad they crumbled on their journey!

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