Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Cupcakes are fun for any occasion, because they are easy to grab and eat.  I made these cupcakes just for fun.  I cannot remember any more if I used buttercream or whipped frosting, but the roses are buttercream.

Dozen buttercream rose cupcake cost: $24

These were for a friend's son's first birthday party.
Dozen unfilled cupcakes with whipped frosting only: $15
Dozen unfilled cupcakes with whipped frosting and fondant decorations: $18

These fun little cupcakes were to celebrate a friend's engagement.  The bows are fondant and the flowers are royal icing.
Dozen unfilled cupcakes with premium decoration: $30

These "hamburgers" were to celebrate my husband's birthday.  I forgot to take a picture before the party, and these were all that were left by the time I remembered!
Dozen hamburger cupcakes: $18

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